What To Eat With Waist Shapers

latex-waist.cincher - bottle curveIt’s no secret, if you have a shaper for your waist your objective is to be thin and curvy.  So what can you eat to accelerate the process and get the ultimate result out of your trainer?  Well, it is pretty much the same as you would eat without a trainer, but because you have external help the process can definitely move along much quicker with the right exercises and food intake

The key to getting a shapely waist is to consume things with a high water content, because the trainer is activated with thermal fusion it immediately gets rid of the excess water wait.  Foods that are high in water include watermelon, cucumbers, oranges, and majority fruits and veggies.  When you consume a high amount of water the cincher will burn the water weight to reveal more muscle mass.  When eating things that have a high water content make sure that you are consuming the sugar based fruits in the morning, this will allow for a leaner look. When you consume sugar later on in the day your metabolism may have slowed down.

Another important thing to consume is protein, this may be one of the most important things. Protein gives you energy and muscle mass, it may not seem like wearing a cincher is working out, but it is.  When you’re compressing your waist your heart rate rises because the oxygen level has gotten shallower.  It is extremely important to feed your body fuel during this process and protein is one of the best fuel endorsers you can have.  Protein will also give you maximum energy while working out in your trainer so that you can achieve those amazing results without getting tired so quickly.

During waist training it is best to avoid anything that is high in sugar and artificial nutrients. The reason being is because you are being counterproductive. Because you are forcing your body into a particular shape, there can be set backs to consuming what you want. Once again, the waist shaper does not get rid of fat it burns off water weight.  There is a possibility that you can burn off the excess waist fat, but once again when you take the cincher off your body will revert back to the way it was.

Bottle Curve waist cinchers and waist trainers are excellent tools if you know how to use them, but always remember they are your stepping stools not your saviors.  Happy Clean Eating!